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Twilight Inspiration from Lisa Locke

Have you noticed the beautiful artwork for our Duckish poster? 

It’s an original piece by local artist Lisa Locke

Director Susan Bonnell attended an art show as part of the Town of CBS 50th Anniversary celebrations and was immediately drawn to this piece. “I couldn’t take my eyes off it,” says Susan. “Sometimes, art just speaks to you, and this piece was shouting you need to take me home!” 

So she did. Twilight now hangs above the computer in the home office Susan used to finish the final drafts of Duckish: The Ghost and Fairy Stories of Tom Dawe. It was inspirational; as Tom describes in Spirited Away, “duckish” in Newfoundland is “dusk or twilight” - that time before dark when it’s possible to believe you see all things magical and spirited. 

That’s when the inspiration truly hit, and Susan reached out to Lisa immediately: “Would you consider letting us use your art for our poster?” Lisa agreed without hesitation. 

Lisa grew up on the Avalon Peninsula’s Irish Loop and now calls Topsail home. Having lived her whole life next to the sea, her love of the outdoors fueled her desire to create landscape art from a very young age. Her mediums of choice are watercolor, acrylic, pastel, and free motion embroidery (with watercolor being her favorite since the first-time painting wet-in-wet). Visit her website to see more of her work at 

Twilight is acrylic ink and free motion embroidery on Arches watercolor paper. 

Not only has the piece been used on our poster, it also was the inspiration for our set pieces, being constructed by Art students at Queen Elizabeth Regional High School! More on the set project later as we prepare for our exciting production.

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