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Our Own Fairies Add Magic to Duckish

It wouldn't be a story about fairies and ghosts without fairies to bring the mischief. Theatre CBS is proud to introduce six young performers helping to bring our stories to life.

Meet the team:

Joshua Rogers- He absolutely loves acting and video games! 

Hannah Fowler - Lover of video games and fine arts. 

Molly Ryan - She’s always up for a new challenge! 

Cate Nugent - A performer who loves being herself. 😊 

Olivia Bennett- Loves dancing, singing, volleyball and all animals! 

Claire Colbourne - Helping turn great books into beautiful drama.

 "Having young performers adds a sense of fun and vitality to the play, and we just love the energy they bring," said director Susan Bonnell.

You'll need bread in your pockets to avoid the trouble these six might get you into at Duckish, March 20-23 at Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre. Tickets are available at

Fairies in rehearsal...


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