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Ageless: Coming May 5 and 6

On May 5 and 6, join us for a night of hilarity as Theatre CBS takes on the not always graceful art of aging. Ageless, a collection of 10-minute plays curated by Art Age Productions and the Senior Theatre Resource Centre, is sure to have you giggling in your seat.

Tickets go on sale mid-April!

Backfire by David Lee White

It’s the morning after their high school reunion in this comedy about a long overdue hook-up. Is it the fulfillment of a couple’s life-long dream or a case of mistaken identity.

Let’s Make a Deal by Scott Mullen

In this tender comedy about wanting more, a woman brings an unusual object to the Antiques Roadshow for appraisal: her husband.

Mistranslations by Jack Rushton

A magical device helps a couple communicate better, but is better communications what they really want?

Something Old Something New by Margie Semilof

A woman seeking to jazz things up in the bedroom challenges her husband’s sense of adventure.

Splitting Hares by Brett Hursey

Couples counseling takes a strange turn as Ron and Annie struggle with a serious case of “Rabbititis.” Doctor Harvey has her hands full with a case of furry ears, a twitchy nose, and a patient who doesn’t know heads from cotton tails.

It’s Time for Bingo by E. Scott Icenhower

Rose and Lucille always go to bingo together, but this time it’s different. Suddenly, Rose prefers to drink beer and watch hunting and fishing shows on tv. Lucille tries her normal tricks, and finally discovers Rose’s new passion.

Choosing the Menu by Bruce Boeck

As we grow older our diets change. What we used to eat and still want to eat is on the ‘no no’ list. When we’re home it’s easy, but eating out, well, there’s the challenge.

Driving with Siri by Bob Naquin.

It’s an all-too familiar situation with a hilarious twist. When a cranky driver asks Siri for the closest pizza parlour, what happens when Siri has not only hurt feelings but a surprisingly devious intelligence?

Jogging Along by Dory Kaiser

Nothing is sacred as two women, dressed in exercise gear and jogging along, discuss exercise, weight problems, boyfriends and other women!

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