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Bringing the Stories to Life

From actors working on their first show to seasoned veterans, Duckish: The Ghost and Fairy Stories of Tom Dawe features some amazing talent.

Here's our complete cast list in order of appearance and bios for you to learn more about our talented team.


  • Patty: Evelyn Osborne

  • Tom: Brad Stone

  • Jane: Sarah Saint-Claire

  • Mrs. Blake: Michelle Lambert

  • Mr. Blake: Chris Panting

  • Fairies: Olivia Bennett, Claire Colbourne, Hannah Fowler, Cate Nugent, Joshua Rodgers, Molly Ryan

  • Dr. Gosse: Gordon Billard

  • The Woman in White: Bridget Russell

  • Sarah: Jacqueline Cook

  • Furne: Christine Young

  • Benjamin: Landon Young

  • Laura: Brenda Hynes

  • Sam: Justin Peddle

  • Emmie: Tessa Crosbie

  • The War Bride: Susan Bonnell


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