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Behind the Scenes Creating the Magic

Behind the scenes at Duckish: The Ghost and Fairy Stories of Tom Dawe are a remarkable crew of talented and dedicated people. From advertising to set construction, it takes a monumental effort to execute a production of this magnitude.

  • Director: Susan Bonnell

  • Producers: Gordon Billard, Jacqueline Cook

  • Stage Manager: Jaclyn Dimmer          

  • Musical Director: Maureen Chafe          

  • Technical Director: John Bonnell

  • Sound/ Lights:  Frank Maloney

  • Set Design: Susan Bonnell, Veronica Nugent

  • Set Artwork: Colleen Dwyer, Undrea Norris, Abigail Lovelady, Amber Wall, Omar Sanchaz Villagomez, Jade Fradsham, Temperance Gates,  Shianne Coombs, Leah MacDougal, Madison Peddle

  • Set Construction: John Bennett

  • Puppets: Baptiste Neis

  • Properties: Jodie Goodyear

  • Costumes: Bernadette Hiscock, Tina Scott

  • Make-up: Shaunna Lawrence

  • Advertising Sales: Jacqueline Cook, Jodie Goodyear, Gordon Billard, Andrea Peddle

  • Front of House: Jennifer Hughes


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